What Are The Benefits Of Using A REALTOR®

When you decide to list a property for sale, it's your decision whether you want representation through the process by a real estate professional. REALTORS® need to be licensed in Canada, and we are licensed in the province of Alberta. This allows up to offer you the benefit of working with an outstanding real estate agency as well as being listed on the expansive network that is the MLS®.

We will agree to a fee for our services before you decide to list with us, this is called a commission and is taken from the proceeds after your property is sold. The amount of commission can be arranged as a percentage of the sale price or a fixed rate, depending on your preference.

There are many things a REALTOR® is legally obliged to provide with their services, a few of these are listed below:

– arrange the listing agreement which essentially is the legal documentation of the contract between yourself and the agent/brokerage

– run through each aspect of the process with you in full detail

– provide you with a complete and accurate evaluation of your home that offers comparisons with other MLS® listings as well as those that have recently sold

– provide you with some useful advice on items you can work on to add to your property value

– make and fully implement a complete strategy that incorporated all aspects of marketing that are available to expose your home to the buying public

– screen potential buyers by speaking with them and then arrange to show the property at a time that is suitable for you

– make sure you have the best negotiated offer available from the potential buyers who view the home, and counter any offers that come in from the buying agent

– assist you in understanding the legal and financial obligations that are required when selling a property

– assist you in any way, shape, or form in completing the sale

The market in Edmonton offers a variety of opportunities to sellers, due in large part to the thriving economy. If you are thinking of selling on your own, it's important to fully understand the commitment you are making. Do you have the time to show the property when it will convenient to the potential buyer? Can you handle the pressure of negotiating with an agent on the price of your home? Are you adept at fielding calls and answering questions about the property? If the answer to any of these was no, you should consider evaluating an agent and seeing if the commission is worth the cost.

Our goal is to provide extensive services to both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the top priority is ensuring your property is listed for the correct amount. Our online marketing strategy is unmatched, and we do our best to provide your home with the utmost visibility to potential buyers.

One of the critical advantages to allowing us to represent you as your REALTOR® is that we are able to list your home and expose in on the MLS®. This allows your property to be displayed on every REALTORS® website in the Edmonton area through what is called a reciprocity agreement. The more exposure your property has, the more money you will make from its sale.

For the most part selling a property isn't as easy as some make it out to be. It does take spending money, following legal and ethical guidelines, and comes with risk of making costly mistakes.Our goal is always to make sure your home is sold with the least amount of hassle to you, in a timely fashion, and for the most amount of money possible.

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