How To Showcase Your Real Estate Property

Most buyers are well aware of what your home has to offer long before they set foot in the front door. A real estate agent has already provided that potential homeowner with information about the neighbourhood and whether there are suitable schools, parks and retail shops nearby. Your home is in the right price range, of a suitable size and on paper it looks just perfect. So how do you give your home that extra appeal that turns that interested looker into a buyer?


Assuming that the outside has great curb appeal, start with the entryway. Make sure that potential buyer is greeted by fresh cut flowers. Put a batch of cookies in the oven and make a pot of coffee. The combination of scents from the flowers, cookies and the coffee create a feeling of home. Have some music playing softly in the background, the relaxing sort. Heavy metal drumming turned up loud may mean a mad dash for the front door. Keep your children busy outside.  This makes the home more relaxing on the inside but still creates the feeling of family.

Before your home’s scheduled showing do a thorough clean up and remove anything that remotely resembles clutter. If your house is overcrowded in the furniture department, remove some of it to create a more spacious look. Keep only a few pieces of art on the wall and family photos displayed. You don’t want your mantle, tables and walls looking crowded. Let in as much natural light and air as possible by pulling back drapes and opening windows. If needed light the fireplace and use indoor lighting to create warmth and ambiance. Look around, if your home says “welcome” then you are ready to go.

These are strategies used by Realtors® to make the most of your open houses and they do help to create interest in your property.  At times your agent may want to bring a client over at the spur of the moment. By keeping your home neat, attractive and ready to show you increase the chances of a quick sale.