Taking advantage of the beginning of Easter, we are going to talk about vacation properties. Nowadays, it is more common to rent an apartment or a house instead of opting for a hotel as it was done in a more traditional way.

Luckily the alternatives are changing, we no longer think only about the all-inclusive, and we can see how more and more people choose to go on vacation renting vacation properties. This change helps the consumer to visit and learn more comfortably and in-depth about the environment since they do not feel obliged to put it in some way, to consume absolutely everything that is included, which when paying for the hotel, is offered.

It is true that at any given time you may think that it is more comfortable to go to a hotel because you do not have to worry about doing tasks such as washing towels or changing sheets, but renting a house offers you much more comfort and privacy.

What process should I follow to rent a house?

Currently, there are applications to rent a house from your mobile, regardless of your destination. One of the best applications that this service offers is Airbnb; this platform gives you a lot of viability to know if that property is of quality and whether or not it is worth making the reservation, that information is obtained through previous tenants who have used the property and have valued the quality in the application. They are real experiences and evaluations.

It is a very transparent application; you can easily use your credit card to make the payment.

How much can it cost me to rent a house?

Depending on how many people go to rent a house, the cost of it can increase or decrease. If you are a couple, it is likely that renting a house or villa is quite expensive, but if you rent it between five or six people and share the cost of the villa, it will be very cheap. A hotel being a price per person, it does not matter how many are going to pay the same each, however, when renting a house or an apartment, per night the price is divided since it is a 3-room apartment and there are 3 couples the price will be divided by 6. If the apartment is the US $ 300 a night, each one will be paying US $ 50, a cost much lower than that of a hotel.

When do I have to start planning my vacation?

It is important that we plan our vacations in advance, the sooner, the better. This is one of the most important parts of our vacations since it can save us money and troubles when it comes to renting a house or a vacation apartment.

It is logical that if you call to reserve a house or an apartment the same day in which you are interested in entering, it will be much more expensive than if you reserve months in advance, but also most likely it will not be available for the dates that You request because someone already reserved that period of time.