Selling A Property – How Long Does it Take?

You’ve decided that its time to sell your home. One of the first things you might be concerned about is how long that sale will take. That time frame depends on a number of factors. If you understand how the sales process works you might get a better idea of what sort of timeline to expect and perhaps how to speed things up a bit.

Be Smart & Ask Questions

Both the seller and the buyer benefit from asking questions. If you just list your property, sit back and expect it to sell on its own, chances are you will have a long wait. Professional Realtors® welcome questions, especially those about timelines for selling homes. By checking the sales statistics for your neighbourhood, your agent can figure out the average timeframe for you.

Sales Timelines and the Factors That May Affect Them

The state of the real estate market in your neighbourhood is one of the biggest factors in determining how long a home will stay on the market, and one that you have little control over. But by concentrating on the items you can control, you may be able to shorten you home’s sale time.

First, make sure that your asking price is reasonable, in line with similar homes in your area. If your price is considerably more expensive, then you may be pricing yourself out of the market. Consider adjusting your price to increase buyer interest. If your proposed terms of sale are reasonable, chances are your home will sell sooner.

Another most important factor is your home’s condition. If a prospective buyer drives by your property, does it look well kept and inviting? Does it make them want to stop the car and have a look inside? Once they are inside, will they find freshly painted rooms, maybe even an upgraded bathroom or kitchen? That all important curb appeal gets them inside, a polished interior holds their interest, an important step to a quick sale.

Put Your Creative Thinking Cap On

There’s nothing wrong with using the creative half of your brain to draw interest to your home. On the financial side, think about using seller financing if you are able to do so. Finance only the part of the asking price that you are comfortable with. This is one way for a potential buyer to get a lower interest rate, thus making and closing a sale.

Showcase your home’s best features. If you have a designer kitchen with high-end stainless steel appliances, bring attention to it. Likewise if your living room has an oversize fireplace with an exceptionally lovely surround, advertize it. Hire a professional gardener to spruce up your back and front yards and invest in new interior and exterior paint. If you’re not skilled in getting that paint actually on the house, hire a professional for this as well. Curb appeal draws potential buyers and a well kept interior makes it easer for them to imagine actually living in your home. Spending even a minimal amount of cash can lead to a quick and successful sale.