Once we take into account the aforementioned factors, it is time to look for our commercial premises. For this, nothing better than knowing the steps to follow to rent the office or physical space

  1. Is it a transfer or do you want to physically move your business? Depending on the case, you will need professional advice. Here comes the figure of a technician who will help you with the choice.
  2. You need an activity license. This role is used to open any business. But it is possible that you already have it active, but you only want to move so you will have to check if you need to update it or request a new one. Basically, the activity license is for the administration, generally, both local and autonomous, to verify that you have everything right and that your local has the physical and legal conditions so as not to cause problems for nearby residents—for example, excessive noise to neighbours and the like.
  3. Each administration has different procedures and requirements. It is possible that you are in the case that they do not ask for more than a certificate depending on where your business is or that the administration or municipality where the premises are asked you for all kinds of papers. Here the help of a technician hired for a project can help us with the procedures.
  4. Check that work activity can be carried out on our premises and city. This is evident, but there are cases of professions that may have problems depending on the area of ​​the city where the business is. For this, you must consult the Urban Planning Plan of the place where you are going to carry out your activity. You may need a compatibility certificate or technical consultation to solve this problem.
  5. What license does your physical activity need? As we have said, the legal procedures depend, to a large extent, on the activity you are going to carry out.
  6. You do not need the same if you are a barber than an architect. And depending on the Autonomous Community, there may be several types of license, for example, from an environmental license to an integrated license, to give several examples. Depending on the size of the company, they may or may not affect you. Companies with a certain business volume have different legal requirements for permits than small ones.
  7. Local accessibility. As you well know, the premises must comply with a series of regulations that allow access to all kinds of people. For this reason, you must check several things, the first the barriers to entry for disabled people and the toilets. If there are steps, you will need some type of ramp or option to overcome the unevenness. The same goes for the entrance, the size of the doors and the bathrooms. They must be adapted to local regulations and respect access distances. The normal thing is that the entrances have a minimum of 80 centimetres so that the passage can be done without problems with a wheelchair. 
  8. Depending on the type of premises, they may have a minimum height. Check the requirements of your municipality, and this is important because of the minimum lighting that must be met for workers and the space of the workplace. In addition, the facade of the premises and the amount of light that enters come into play here.
  9. Electrical installations and services. If your premises require a large electrical expense or it is a place of great human traffic, it is preferable to check the electrical installation of the premises. The same happens with water, heating and other aspects such as light and emergency exits, if necessary.
  10. In the case of being a place like a music studio that generates a lot of noise, you should avoid disturbing the neighbours. For this, you must comply with the acoustic insulation requirements required both for the development of your activity and for the administration that requests it.
  11. Check licenses and ask for advice. Think that if you start a business as if you are moving, you must fill out and ask for all kinds of bureaucratic papers regardless of choosing the place that best suits you.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go to professionals so that your search is not complicated. Here you have several options if you are going to make reforms of a place you almost certainly need a construction technician to help you streamline the issue of licenses and the reform project.