Know What To Expect Going Into The Process

Your Realtor® is an important part of the home buying experience, whether this is your first home purchase or you’ve been through the process several times. No matter your experience level there certain things that are expected of a real estate professional, all of which make the buying process a more pleasant experience.

You are not expected to know the steps needed to buy or sell a home. Even if this isn’t your first experience, a Realtor® has first hand knowledge of market trends and can take stock of your situation and offer counsel on how best to proceed.

Your Realtor® will ask questions, such as why you are looking for a home and what type of budget you are comfortable with. Financial information will also need to be provided. If you’ve not already done so, your Realtor® can offer referrals to reputable lenders so you can get a mortgage pre-approval. This step makes finding a home in your price range easier, and lets all parties concerned know that you are a serious buyer.

When meeting with your Realtor® you’ll be asked to make a list about what you’d like in your ideal home. What type of neighbourhood are your looking for, and do you need there to be certain types of schools nearby? Do you know exactly many bedrooms you need now and/or in the future? How many bathrooms do you want in your new home? Do you need a garage, and if so, how big? Once your Realtor® has this information, they can use their knowledge and steer you towards properties that meet your requirements.

Realtors® use the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS®) for short, to find homes you might be interested in. This system gives them the most up to date information on available properties. Once arrangements are made, your Realtor® will take you to view the relevant properties. As a team you will look at each property and examine the positive aspects as well as the negative.

You’ve found your perfect home. That’s great. The next step is making an offer and then negotiating the best price possible. This is where your Realtor® comes in. They help you get the best deal, then help with finding real estate attorneys, home inspectors and other services needed when buying a home. Save time, money and stress by forming an invaluable partnership with a real estate professional.