Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of First Time Homebuyers

We are human. We make mistakes. As long as we learn from them, even those mistakes are beneficial. The situation is no different for first time home buyers. You are in uncharted, unfamiliar territory. Think of it as a winding road where you’re not sure what’s behind the next bend. Realtors® have been down that road countless times with people in your very same situation. Why not use an experienced Realtor® that already has a good idea of the mistakes most often made by enthusiastic property owners in the making? Talking to family and friends that have gone through the process can also give you valuable insight into the home buying process. Learn from mistakes they might have made.

Be Objective When Shopping For Your Home

Sometimes when you walk into a home it just speaks to you, tugs at your emotional heart strings. That’s nothing to be ashamed about, you’re human. That’s how we are wired. But when shopping for your new home you must keep those emotions in check. Otherwise you might find yourself in a bidding war and paying considerably more for that property than its asking price, perhaps more than it’s worth. Remember the expression “looking at the world through rose colored glasses?”

Realtors® are experts in schooling sellers in how to showcase their homes. By accenting the property’s best features the home typically sells faster and at a higher price point. Looking with your head means looking past the cosmetic improvements and really taking stock of what’s being offered. Even if your heart is racing on the inside, don’t let your excitement show on the outside. Think of it as a poker game and you have the hand of a lifetime. Putting on a similar poker face gives you the advantage, and just might win you that dream home.

The Home Buying Process is Yours to Control

Sometimes the home buying process becomes a family affair. Not the immediately family, but mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, cousins, the list can be endless. Input, especially from those who have traveled the path to home ownership, can be valuable. But, you must remember that you are shopping for YOUR home. It must meet your family’s needs, not those of Aunt Sally or Uncle Bill.

Realtors® are an important ally in helping your find your dream home. They can steer you towards properties that best suit your need and that are in your price range. Even in this case, remember that you have the final say. Don’t be rushed into a decision on a property that you don’t feel is ideal. Take the time to shop for both properties and mortgage deals. Never forget that it is your pen that will be signing on the dotted line. That gives you the decision making power. We can help by offering you advice and guidance and helping you deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may crop up when buying your home.

Be Decisive

Take the time to find that perfect home and the best mortgage deal available. Once you’ve done the work, and yes it is work, you will find yourself in the position of signing on that dotted line. This is the final step and sometimes you may feel hesitant. Don’t beat yourself up about it, this is totally normal.

Working with a Realtor® makes taking this final step easier. We can help control those butterflies by talking through your concerns. If some extenuating circumstances come up we can advise you on how to deal with them. Maybe you are afraid if you take that final step something better might come available a week or two later.

In real estate, as in life, anything is possible. But, consider this. You may already have the ideal home picked out and a great deal on your mortgage. If you don’t commit you may loose that great find. While we would never rush you into making a decision, we do offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience to allay those fears. Take that final step and feel more secure about your decision.