From the right questions to ask yourself to the choice of the relevant communication strategy for entering mandates, through administrative procedures, and the selection of the best location to create your activity, we tell you everything!

Opening a real estate agency: a project to mature

You can imagine: opening a real estate agent cannot be improvised. The steps to get there are many, complex, and time-consuming. You will have to carry out a number of steps to declare your activity, create your structure, choose a legal form, obtain a professional card from a real estate agent, take out compulsory guarantees, find the premises for your agency, and finish implementing your marketing strategy and communication to attract customers.

The first step, however, does not involve any travel, any process, no file to complete. And yet, it is essential, since it consists of asking yourself the right questions beforehand: why do you want to open a real estate agency? Do you have the necessary character, qualities, and skills? Have you studied the surrounding market to find out if it is relevant to enter one sector rather than another?

Why open an agency?

Open a real estate agency, yes, but why? Ask yourself what motivates you in this project. Do you want to become a business owner? Put yourself on your own after years of employment? The desire to become an independent professional, to manage your schedule, and to choose the projects in which you will invest yourself? The desire that titillates you to respond to a request for which there is not yet an offer (for example, in a sector neglected by professionals)?

Your motivation is essential: don’t neglect it!

Do you have what it takes?

In addition, if you want to open a real estate agency, it is better to have a minimum of personal funds. They will be used to finance your steps, to invest throughout the first steps of your business, and to establish cash in advance – essential to surviving until the first cashing of fees, which will take a little time. Have you planned the coup? Set aside funds? Have you prepared your project seriously?

Preliminary steps

Opening a real estate agency requires fulfilling several administrative conditions. These begin with the steps of creating the structure itself. These steps are specific to real estate professionals:

  • Start by sending a registration request to the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). To do this, you can go to the nearest Commercial Court.
  • Apply for a professional real estate agent card.
  • Declare your activity and fulfill the obligations arising from it.

Choose your agency premises

It remains to choose the right place to open your real estate agency. Start by defining your selection criteria:

  • What budget?
  • What location?
  • What surface?
  • To buy or to rent?

Then ask yourself if you prefer to occupy professional or commercial premises, if you want to share it with another company, or if you want to integrate a nursery.