Eighty Percent Of People Do This

80% or more of people spend more time shopping for fruits and vegetables then they do their real estate agent. Most pick a family member or friend. Some pick a name from an ad or phonebook. Even a great referral from a friend can do wrong. Considering that for most people in Edmonton and area, buying a home will be their largest purchase and investment in their lives. It amazes us how little time and effort is put into finding the person that can save you time, stress and money.

We always ask the question. If you were accused of a crime would you pick any old lawyer? If you had to have major surgery, would you pick the first doctor that came down the street? Most would say no. The same can be said about a real estate agent. Most people when buying or selling their home mention that their experience was okay or even bad. Their agent did this wrong or that. Some even swear off agents forever because of a bad home buying or selling experience. Like anything else if you took little to no time to find a professional that will be guiding you. You take the chance of having a bad experience.

There is a flip side to this. When you take the time to interview a few agents. Feel them out and get a liking for one. Getting to know their knowledge and customer service. The process for you will be exciting, fun, financially rewarding and your stress level will drop. The entire experience will make home buying or selling fell easy and effortless. The agent should be working overtime to give this feeling of ease and relaxation. Go back and read our article on why we believe you need a REALTOR®.

Who would want to have a mediocre or even negligent agent working for them? By not interviewing agents and asking them questions about their experience, service and even references you are gambling that you hired someone competent and service oriented. Next time you buy or sell a home in Edmonton or area take the time to interview at least 3 agents. Maybe mix it up. Get a referral from a friend, someone you know from ads and then a local agent. See who fits the best with your personality and who has the right tools and knowledge to do the job right. You owe it to yourself.

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