Flooring Options – So Many Choices For Your Renovation

Ah yes, summer in Canada. Out come the barbeques, the deck chairs and on go the renovation thinking caps. Perhaps a new floor is in your future this summer. You’re in luck. There’s a flooring material out there to please just about anyone.



Make it Hardwood

In many ways hardwood is the king of flooring for those wanting style and durability. It’s on the pricey end of things but can last for decades. Some homes built in the last century still have their hardwood floors. Granted those old floors have to be stained, sanded and repolished every so often. New hardwood flooring comes pre-stained and ready to be installed. Even a novice DIY guy can get the hang of it.


Bamboo is a form of wood, but then again it’s not. It is eco-friendly because it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Within a year a bamboo plant is ready to harvest. A tree can take decades. The tube shape is what is used. It is shredded, cut and processed. Unfortunately that processing involves the use of formaldehyde if that bamboo is intended for flooring. It is long lasting, good looking but pricey. It’s one of those substances that you either love or hate.

Laminate Wood

Say the word laminate to some people and they just might slap you aside the head. This s another love it or leave it substance. Laminate gives you the look of real wood without incurring the cost. The laminate floors are installed over existing floors, are easy to put down and come in a number of colors. They are easy to clean and work well in basements or in rooms where kids hang out.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a flexible material. Think wine bottle cork. It’s the same stuff but processed differently. Cork helps reduce noise and is anti-allergenic. Flooring comes in a variety of colors and textures, including patterned varieties. Costs average about $4 per square foot.

Ceramic Tile

In Canada you usually find ceramic tile in kitchens and bathrooms. In tropical locales it’s sometimes used for the entire house. It is on the expensive side and tends to be cool to the touch, welcome on a 30 degree C day, not so much during sub-zero temperatures. Still, ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns and is quite fashionable.

Cement Flooring

Concrete flooring, and counter tops for that matter, are trending at the moment. By adding colors and different finishes, the concrete in your home looks much more elegant than the typical slab in the garage. It’s long lasting, hard to damage and easy to keep clean.


Wall to wall carpeting at one time was the thing to get for your home. Despite the orange and green shag carpets of the 1970s (they actually needed a rake to comb the tangles out) carpet is still popular in some rooms. They are handy in the bedroom so you don’t step out of bed and onto a cold floor. Carpeting has fallen out of favor with some people though, particularly those with pets. It does require regular vacuuming and does tend to stain.

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